Presenting Friends Of The Gallery

Katharina Arndt / Germany
David Henry Brown Jr. / America
Claus Frederiksen / Denmark
Sander Dekker / Netherland
Jo Hedegaard / Denmark

Ulrik Hoff / Denmark
Kristian von Hornsleth / Denmark
Rainer Ganahl / America
Alex Voinea / Romania

July 11 - August 22 2020


David Henry Brown Jr. / America


Mr. David Henry Brown Jr. is born in 1967, and is shown for the first time, and we plan a solo show later in the year. Hereby a statement from the artist: 


"I created the word 'resemblage' (the combination of the words resembles and collage) to describe the type of art I’m making as the character David Nobody. These Prints represent the singular body of ephemeral and shapeshifting self portraits created on @davidhenrynobodyjr. 


As a virtual consciousness with No Body on Social Media, Mr Nobody defies the corporatized cookie-cutter versions of the vanity of ourselves. Resemblage is like an inside out person and shows the grotesque, cryptic and traumatized side of humanity hidden behind the masks of the everyday.

He wears the excesses of consumerist society on his exterior self to expose and question society. He wears food to show how we live in waste and that we ourselves are essentially food for corporations. David Nobody’s immersion into this mental/emotional space of Resemblage stems from the still new medium of the internet, which gazes into us far more than we look into it (which is unprecedented).

This new way of feeling is affecting how we see ourselves and each other through troubling and distorted political times. The work is as much a Sociological experiment as an expansion of what art can possibly become in the present and the future.”


Jo Heedegaard / Danmark


Jo Hedegaard, born 1994, is an emerging artist educated in art schools in New York, London and Amsterdam. He is showing his The encounter series paintings and the sculptur series Seven men ordered by levels of intelligence 


In his own words:


“What got me into making these paintings was an interest in how simple hand gestures can hold a greater narrative. I thought of these hands as ‘having an attitude’, and in the encounters of these hands with their attitudes and attributes there is a story. It’s everything that is left out in this distillation from narrative to gesture that makes the paintings poetic flashes - like a very cropped snapshot, a moment in time.


Regarding the ‘Seven men ordered by levels of intelligence. It seems paradoxical to use ‘art speak’ about this work, because the work itself could be seen as a pun on those kinds of all-too-clever expressions. I departed from the idea of a body being almost ‘all brains’, because I find this notion funny and recognisable. I made the sculptures last year when I was still in art school, and my professor jokingly asked if the sculptures were portraits of my fellow students.


I didn’t necessarily disagree. In Danish we have an derogatory expression, which literally translates into “being so smart that you can do without your head”, and I feel that the sculptures is oozing of that kind of sentiment, but in a warm way.


In terms of materials I thought it would be a fun experiment to use isolation foam as a sculptural material, as it’s very hard to control and rarely used in figurative art. I wanted to give that a go."


Alex Voinea / Romania

Alex Voinea’s work can be viewed as a study of contrasts, the interplay of control and precision versus serendipity that evolves and mutates into a free expression of emotion splashed on the canvas in brilliant displays of color and form.

Fading backgrounds create depth and perspective in his abstract work, but with an almost hyper-realist definition in which Alex transmits a vibrancy of  motion and fluidity to his paintings; bursts of color that result in happy accidents where proportionality and constraint give way to the actual experience of freedom created by the artist and experienced by the viewer. Drippings, brushstrokes and various effects, done with a surprising assuredness of execution, without a trace of hesitation, coexist on a same surface creating a rich universe, one that is organic, rhythmic and alive.

Initially inspired by experiments with liquid paint on vibrating surfaces, Voinea’s intention throughout his various recent series of abstract works has remained the same, to capture and freeze a vibrant and colorful moment in time and space. Voinea consistently expresses his passionate and inquisitive character in his colorful abstract paintings, adventurous works that push the bounds of creativity with experimentation, brilliant colors and striking forms. Voinea’s oeuvre, in summary, is visceral, striking and powerful, living and organic.

Alex Voinea’s paintings have been exhibited and admired throughout Europe and the United States, including in Brussels, Paris, Milan, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, New York and Los Angeles.


Katharina Arndt / Germany

Ästhetiken des Massenkonsums - The Aesthetics of Mass consumption

Katharina Arndt has been working with the gallery since we opened in 2018 and she will be having a solo show in Strayfield Gallery from 27 aug 2020

More info on Katharina Arndt on the Strayfield Gallery website here.​

Ulrik Hoff / Denmark

Ulrik Hoff born 1937, master of modernist landscape painting, has just completed his first solo show art Strayfield Gallery, with great success.