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Mason Storm

Autumn 2021. Date to be announced.

Mason Storm did not follow the traditional route into art and his training and artistic education in painting, sculpture ceramics and photography came from as he puts it “hanging around with artists from an early age at a local youth centre”, these artists however include some of the UK’s most celebrated, from the world’s best art schools including the Royal Academy, Royal College and Central St.Martins.

Masons work is at times as provocative as it is beautiful, however just like his hero Caravaggio the work has hidden elements in which the viewer is invited to find and decipher, whether it’s a socio-political statement or an outright joke.

Alex Vionea - Learning to fly - #677 - Painting.JPG

Alex Vionea

Learning to fly #677

2020, 140 x 100 cm

Hornsleth - Suck, Fuck, Luck - Painting

Kristian von Hornsleth
Suck Fuck Luck
2008, 100 x 100 cm

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