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Learning To Fly

October 8 - November 7, 2021
Works Exhibited

The Artist

Alex Voinea’s brilliant abstract paintings reflect a life marked by resourcefulness and passion. While just a teenager, Voinea took part in the Romanian revolution that top- pled the Ceausescu Communist dictatorial regime. It was a place and time that he has described as being oppressive and dark. During those few turbulent days, Voinea recalls, above all more than the clashes and shootings the emotions he experienced. Voinea speaks of experiencing an extraordinarily vivid acuteness of his senses; even the most insignificant of which seemed to take on larger dimensions, everything he saw and felt was out of proportion; his state of alertness multiplied the perception of his senses. And that state of alertness is what is activated when Voinea begins a painting session and confronts the canvas with colours  mediums and brushes, ready for action, action which, due to the characteristics of the materials, must be quick, accu- rate and without hesitation.

Text by Kate Caiazza

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