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Gold Is Not A Colour

November 12 - December 12, 2021

Works Exhibited

Heiko Zahlmann & Florian Huber. 

But then what is gold actually? If you follow the logic inscribed in the works of Florian Huber and Heiko Zahlmann, then gold is an attitude, an outlook on life, a yearning for more. However, even the ancient Greeks recognized that this kind of yearning has rarely led to happiness, a fact that is represented vividly in the myth of King Midas. After he had offered his hospitality to Dionysus, he was granted one wish. Midas requested that every- thing he may touch from then on would be turned into gold. Tragically, he quickly realized that even food and people he touched were also transformed, and he ultimately starved to death despite his immense wealth. Or, to put it in terms of the title of the edition created by both of the artists in cooperation, life is “More than Champagne.

Extract from text by Anne Simone Krüger

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