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For 30 years Heiko Zahlmann was active worldwide in urban areas, made concrete walls his image carriers. His graffiti past is evident in his work today. Concrete, color, font and often site specific details – the basic elements remain the same. And yet his work has evolved considerably. His spatial wall works move between architecture, sculpture, painting and drawing. Working in situ, they refer to the area and its surrounding. Writing still forms the base for the now three dimensional shapes, but in its highly abstract form recognizable only at a second glance.

Zahlmann was born in Hamburg in 1973. After having painted hundreds of graffitis he was included in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1999. His oeuvre today lies with galleries and institutions, including de Pury & Luxembourg, the Museum for Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg or Villa Merkel in Esslingen. Some of his murals are permanently installed, including the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg, FBC Frankfurt as well as in several private collections. In addition, works in public spaces like his 100 tons concrete sculpture in the heart of Hamburg continue to emerge. Zahlmann lives and works in Hamburg.

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