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Smoking and drinking women, violent with curved axes or drawn knives, stand out in pure, white lines against the black-shining image surface. In the series Faye Dunaway on Mondays, Katharina Arndt processes various cinematic models. She focuses primarily on Barfly, in which Faye Dunaway plays an alcoholic. The artist questions the emancipatory significance of pop culture representations of self-assured and strong women, whose active role is connected to negatively connoted qualities, brutality, or eroticism.

In series such as Final Girl, Heavy Tools or Faye Dunaway on Mondays Katharina Arndt shows strong, active, but also violent women who have adopted supposed masculine attitudes and attributes. Frequently, an only implied, powerful brutality is mixed with a wicked, sexy, erotic representation of women. The artist reverts to mostly cinematic models of pop culture and questions the emancipated female image conveyed there.

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